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In the depths of an ancient burial chamber, a mysterious artifact catches the eye of an intrepid adventurer. Her curiosity draws her in, and the inscriptions on your frame draw her close. As you entice her with images of power and wealth you wonder if she can accomplish what those who came before her could not. She collects you from the altar and resumes her expedition. With each new host comes a new opportunity. Your journey begins anew.

Artifacts of the Tarot is a game about smart swords, cursed cups, pernicious pentacles, and other artifacts with agency. You are Will made manifest, an Item of incredible power, and you will pursue your goals by any means at your disposal. You will need to be acquired, transported, and coveted by a Hero you will inspire to accomplish your goals.

This game was created for Ian Magenta's 48 hour mega rpg game jam!

You will need one Tarot Card deck to play this game. 


Buy Now$20.00 USD or more

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New & Improved GM Booklet.pdf 2 MB
GM Booklet + One to rule them all.pdf 31 MB
Queen of the Throne.pdf 30 MB
The Sword Player Booklet 0.1.pdf 11 MB
CUP Player Booklet 0.1.pdf 15 MB
Pentacle Player Booklet 0.1.pdf 16 MB
Wand Player Booklet 0.1.pdf 12 MB

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